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My name is Toni and my magical name is Arnemetia. I have been interested in and studying Wicca for 20 years.

It was about 1995 or 1996 was when I actually started practicing it. I met a wonderful teacher who has taught me more in a year than in all the 20 years of reading. I have decided to continue my studies with the Correllian Tradition and see where that takes me for now.

Due to my studies and everything else that I was learn on May 5,2000 I have become a 1st Degree priestess!! I am now an ordained minister for the Correllian Wiccan Tradition!! My dreams I have had for that part of my life are finally coming together! Now to continue on with my studies to learn more and advance as far as possiable, or as far as my Lord and Lady guides me.

During all of the studying I was doing not only with the craft but with other things along the same area I came across something else. It is called Reiki. Now that is something I would suggest everyone to learn about! It is so wonderful, I don't even know the words to use to describe it. On June 27th 1999 I had my first attunment for my Level 1 Reiki "test" for lack of a better word. It was beautiful! Just from that experiance alone I was drivin to go on and learn more. It was around January or Feburary of 2000 that I advanced to a Level 2 Practioner. WOW! I can't explain the way it felt for my Level 2 attunement. It was a wonderful experiance,and no one layed a hand on me. lol Reiki is a form of healing, only it is done with energy instead of medicine or anything along those lines. I for one can testify to the healing power Reiki does. Find out for yourself and you will see what I mean. *s*

I have started a Correllian Shrine and Correllian study group or Wicca 101 classes. The name of the shrine is The Shrine of Mystic Athenae and we then moved on to the next step. We then wrote a letter requesting that the Correllian Tradition recognize us as being a part of their tradition. We were chartered on February 6 Year 3 Aquarius!!(2003) It is the first shrine in the Correllian Tradition, on the Western seaboard. We are still working on it. I must give credit where credit is due and that is to my dear friend Guenivere Mystic,who without I could not have accomplished this. I am so excited. I thank the Correllian Heads, my Lord and Lady and so many others for helping all of these things to come to pass. Now the time has come for me to take on a new name. This name was given to me by the members of the shrine. Athena Mystic was the name chosen for me and I carry it with honer. Blessed Be! Merry Ye Meet and Merry Ye Part and Merry Meet Again!


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